We all know we should invest our money wisely but with all the investment choices available it’s hard to know where to invest and what to invest in. While you’ve probably got a lot happening in your life right now – raising a family, paying mortgages and controlling your credit cards – it’s just as important to think about your future as it is to concentrate on today’s commitments.

By looking forward and investing now, you’ll find life much easier when it comes to making those big decisions such as children’s education, upgrading your home and funding that holiday.

• Understand your attitude towards risk
• Strategies to balance risk and return
• Investing regularly to average the price you pay for your investments
• Accumulating funds through gearing, put simply, borrowing to invest
• Plan for your children’s education
• Build and protect wealth
• Saving for a holiday or home renovation
• Diversifying your investments to reduce risks
• Building a personalised investment portfolio